Now in its 10th year, Television Response Group remains a premier television-only source for qualified and TCPA compliant leads geared toward the senior population. Our nationally advertised television commercials have generated over 10 million callers and 25 million unique leads for clients. A decade later, TRG is still one of the only television-only lead sources that is uniquely positioned to offer high quality and affordable leads.


Our unique advertising enables us to attract callers that would not typically respond to a client’s exclusive branding.  The amount of volume we generate contributes to our wholesale pricing that can cut your customer acquisition cost by nearly 1/3, while still maintaining lead qualifications.


TRG is your source for television only leads. Dealing with the source means you don’t have to jump through hoops to get questions answered or pay for third party mark-ups. We create and own the commercials, purchase the media, and collect the leads in a proprietary system.  Everything is done in-house.


Media airtime, commercial productions, per inquiry calls…these are some of the expenses you save with our platform.  You only pay for what you need – a premium lead.  We may generate 10,000 calls today, but you’re only paying for the ones that expressed interest in your product or service..

All leads delivered to clients go through our two-step qualification process. Interest in your vertical must be expressed and client opt-in must be captured.

Each client has the exclusive right to the lead they are purchasing for that specific vertical. If you purchase a Back Brace lead, no other client will receive the same Back Brace lead.

TRG is proud to meet TCPA, HIPAA, and regulatory compliance standards. All questions must be answered verbally by the caller with a specific right to contact and all call recordings are stored for 10 years on two separate servers.

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