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Senior Back PainThere are so many different diagnoses relating to back pain that the coverage criteria for Medicare is not diagnosis driven, but rather deals with the functional need and use of a back
 brace.  It’s clear that this pain is serious among seniors, which affects thousands of people.  Medicare covers lumbar support and back braces for patients in order to assist with this pain relief.

TV Response Group is ready to assist you in acquiring qualified and motivated back brace leads.    Our leads are captured by our nationally advertised television commercials.  Callers answer specific questions regarding back pain and express interest in the types of products that can help them. These callers specifically opt in to be contacted by the supplier, which means theyare interested, qualified customers.

After three years and over 2 million callers, we can tell you that you that a minimum of 22-25% of the leads purchased should go to document retrieval. You should see 4:1 on your advertising dollars spent vs reimbursements from Medicare.